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Still looking for teams for KIKK Kontest

We are still looking for teams to participate to KIKK Kontest, a 24h non-stop multidisciplinary kontest taking place on at the venu of the festival and lasting during the whole event. 

There are more than 6000 € worth of prizes to win; a trip to Resonate Festival in Serbia, Adobe Suites, Wacom tablets, 500 € in cash, 1 year of Mobile Vikings phone membership with data, and many more… Register now!


A few places left for Friday's workshops

We have a few places left for the 3 workshops taking place on Friday 9th of November: Musical Experimental Board, 3D Wall Printing and Noisy Jelly. So hurry up if you want to get your seat in one of those very creative workshops! They are all happening at the same time so you can only register for one. Follow this link to register.


Call for Candidates for the Kontest

Registrations for KIKK Kontest are now open to students and professionals.

If you are a designer, webdeveloper, mobile developer, photographer, illustrator, sound designer, digital artist, installations creator or expert in any other field linked to the digital, KIKK Kontest is for you! 24h to create a project and present it in front of a prestigious jury.

Click here to register now.

Rob van Kranenburg

Rob van Kranenburg

Author of

The Internet of Things

Title and summary

Rob Van Kranenburg, Internet of Things

Internet infrastructure has been build on a public model democracy that has delivered sewage systems, roads, relatively good education, health, and social economic lifelines for a large group of people. How inclusive will the internet of things be when citizens can go fully parallel in an IoT world sharing and buying energy through Pachube and social networks, using private services as the public ones have been sold? Our input and consultancy should be aimed in the first place to help the current
institutions, corporations, and public bodies to transform peacefully into a networked model of open data, direct feedback on where money goes, participatory budgeting models (say 25% for innovation in your street and neighbourhood). We believe that IoT could be extremely relevant in making direct feedback visible in street and city furniture, and mobile applications .

About Rob van Kranenburg

Rob van Kranenburg (1964) is involved in innovation and negociability strategies of new technologies and design – artistic practice,predominantly Internet of Things, the relationship between the formal and informal in cultural and economic policy, the requirements for a sustainable cultural economy and a productive political system for the 21th century. He has worked at the University of Ghent with Professor Ronald Soetaert, the University of Amsterdam with Professor Elsaesser, de Balie with Andrée van Es, Doors of Perception with John Thackara, Virtueel Platform with Cathy Brickwood and has taught various courses at graduate and postgraduate level and Art and Design Academies. He founded Council, a thinktank for the Internet of Things, to bring this latter perspective into the heart of the debates. He graduated cum laude in Language and Literature at Tilburg University (1988) As a member of the Lectoraat Ambient Intelligence he is currently workling with Professor Ben Schouten as a projectmanager of an EU project under PEOPLE, SHAREIT that focuses on digital inclusion. He is a co-founder of Bricolabs. He is working on a Paris based inititiave that will launch soon: CKAB.

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